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Lietuvos socialinių inovacijų klasteris, Augustijonų g. 4, Vilnius | +370 615 96795

About our cluster

We are a network of socially responsible organizations and companies.

In line with our common values ​​and goals, we seek systemic positive change and breakthrough in the country by designing, developing and disseminating innovative solutions to social challenges and problems for the most vulnerable target groups in society that are experiencing social exclusion.

The cluster is open to a variety of approaches that promote social inclusion and human-centered innovation. Its activities aim to strengthen the culture of communication between social groups and institutions with different interests.

Klasterio tikslai

To develop and advance a dynamic, flexible, responsible partnership that is based on shared values and focuses on the development of an inter-institutional, cross-sector, interdisciplinary communication and cooperation culture.
To increase the impact on the country’s socio-economic competitiveness by addressing societal challenges and problems in an innovative way, by creating, developing and advancing common products and services and by building long-term national and international relations.
To strengthen the role, importance and dissemination of the results of social responsibility and social and cultural innovations at the national and international levels.

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