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One-time entry and annual membership fees are paid.

Members undertake to actively participate in the activities of the Association, general meetings of members, pay the annual membership fee on time and fulfill other obligations stated in Regulations of Association. Full members participate in the discussion of strategic issues of the Association, submit proposals to the Director and members of the Association, vote in decision-making, use all services and information provided by the Association, have the right to access the documents of the Association.

¹ for non-governmental organizations, research and study institutions, and small businesses operating for up to three years.

² for mature companies operating for more than three years.


A long-term sponsorship or investment agreement is signed with the ambassadors.

Ambassadors are advertised on the Association’s website, on social networks, during events. They are provided with information on the activities carried out and planned by the Association.

Your funds will be used meaningfully and transparently and will contribute to:


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