Why social innovations?

Social innovations is a unique opportunity to make an impact on systematic level and empower society for transformation, co-creation and finding new and effective solutions for emerging social challenges.

We are...

A fast-growing network of reliable, socially responsible partners aiming for a smart human-centered future society.

Developing innovations focused on extremely fast and radical changes in the world and enabling people to find and create solutions themselves.

We create effectively functioning and sustainable ecosystem ensuring a systematic and holistic approach.

Addressing national and global social challenges and making full use of digital opportunities.


Smart society – innovative social solutions.


To create and develop effectively functioning and sustainable ecosystem bringing together the best leaders and experts in the social innovations field.


Cooperation based on trust and respect, Openness to a variety of approaches that promote social inclusion and people-centered innovations, Social sensitivity and responsibility, Creativity, Sustainability.

LSIC strategic goals


To create an open and constructive dialogue and cooperation between state institutions, non-governmental organizations, research and study institutions, social and socially responsible business and society.


To develop cross-sectoral network of social innovators, uniting the strongest and most active participants and experts of the ecosystem.


To form the concept and importance of social innovations in Lithuania and to ensure the dissemination of knowledge and results in this field.


To use public and private resources efficiently, sustainably and creatively for socio-economic local development and community empowerment.

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European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label


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