July 11 6 p.m. an art auction will be held at “Pirmas blynas” Restaurant. We will talk about the help provided by service dogs, their value and need, as well as meet with multiple Paralympic champions – the Lithuanian national goalball team.

The funds raised during the auction will be used for the first service dog training program in Lithuania. These dogs help people with disabilities live independently – bring their belongings, call for help, warn of impending diabetes or epileptic seizures. Such dogs are still not legally recognized in the country. Let’s help legalize service dogs so that they become a normal and self-evident phenomenon in Lithuania!

The host of the event is Petras Lisauskas, a nominee for the Silver Crane.
Location: Savičiaus st. 15, Vilnius (social restaurant “Pirmas blynas”).

The event is organized by Ajana Lolat, the Lithuanian record holder and founder of the service dog program, together with the Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster and the social restaurant “Pirmas blynas”.

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