Services for members of Association

Representation of interests


Project activities and crowdfunding

Student internships

The association represents the interests of its members at the national and international level:

  • in the public space
  • in policy-making state and municipal institutions
  • national and international networks

The Association ensures:

  • cross-sectoral and inter-institutional cooperation
  • search for partners at national and international level
  • initiates and administers joint projects
  • provides advice and guidance
  • organizes and coordinates the search and attraction of crowdfunding
  • organizes student internships
  • provides mentoring services

Services for business and the public sector

Together we create a social impact on your organization and society

Formation, development and maintenance of a socially responsible company culture
Initiation, consulting and administration of project activities in the field of social innovations
Organization of social innovation events, ICT solutions, broadcasting

The association ensures:

  • Preparation, implementation and monitoring of the social responsibility strategy and action plan
  • Development of a targeted employee volunteering program, organization and administration of activities
  • Organization of team building events and creative workshops
  • Involvement of the academic community (students and researchers) in the processes of forming a social responsibility culture in the company

The association ensures:

  • Generation of project ideas during creative workshops
  • Search for invitations and resources
  • Search for national and international partners (matchmaking)
  • Application preparation and administration
  • Consultations

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